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Stryker Requests Transfer of Trident Hip Lawsuit to Federal Court

gavel-and-stethoscopeStryker, the manufacturer of the embattled Trident, Rejuvenate, and ABG II hip replacement devices, has requested that a lawsuit filed by the recipient of a failed Trident implant be removed from the state court it was filed in, to a federal court within the same state, due to the amount of compensation sought by the plaintiff.

Lawsuit Removed to Federal Court in California

Mary Hazelwood filed a lawsuit against Stryker in a California state court, alleging that the company’s Trident hip implant failed shortly after she received it during hip replacement surgery on her right hip in 2009. Ms. Hazelwood alleges that “fragments of the hip came loose, and remain loose in her body, causing her great pain and suffering, grievous injury, permanent disability, along with mental anguish and shock to her nervous system.” The lawsuit does not specify whether Ms. Hazelwood has or plans to undergo revision surgery to remove and replace the defective Stryker hip.

Stryker has requested that the case be removed to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California from the state court it was originally brought to due to the amount of compensation Ms. Hazelwood is seeking. According to court documents, the amount she is seeking to cover “lost wages and future earnings, as well as legal costs and staggering medical expenses, including services for hospitals, surgeons, physicians, nurses, other medical professionals, x-rays, prescription medicines, and other medical supplies and services,” exceeds $75,000, the federal threshold in such cases. Ms. Hazelwood is seeking a considerable amount because she can no longer perform her present job and might not be able to work in the future because of the injuries she has sustained from the Trident hip. Further, her lawsuit alleges that Stryker failed to warn physicians and consumers about the dangers associated with Trident hips. Instead, the company touted the ceramic-on-metal implant as being more durable, and did not put patients at risk for difficulties associated with similar hip replacement devices.

The Rottenstein Law Group Helps Patients Who Have Been Injured by Recalled Stryker Hips

It is important to consult your orthopedic surgeon to determine whether the symptoms you might be experiencing are consistent with a failed hip replacement and if that implant was manufactured and sold by Stryker.

Lawsuits are currently being filed across the country by recipients of the recalled Stryker implants. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, unforeseen medical expenses, lost wages, and other claims.

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