The Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Center provides up-to-date information about the recalled Rejuvenate and ABG II hip devices and lawsuits against Stryker.

Most Frequently Asked Stryker Hip Questions

How much can I expect from a Stryker lawsuit?

Stryker lawsuits are in their early stages, with consolidations in federal and state courts. But if lawsuits involving other metal-on-metal hip brands are any indication, the amount can vary.  Read more »

What prompted the Stryker recall?

On July 6, 2012, medical device manufacturer Stryker announced a voluntary recall of two of its artificial hip implants: the Rejuvenate and the ABG II. Why? Read more »

Why are metal-on-metal hips dangerous?

Many orthopedic surgeons are hesitant to continue using MoM hips because of the risk of tissue and bone damage they can cause.. Read more »

Why is Stryker revision surgery different—and more difficult? Can I sue the revision surgeon?

The Stryker implants are different from other all-metal hip replacement implants. Unfortunately, this has led to certain complications. For those with questions about suing surgeons, the answer depends on certain circumstances… Read more »

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